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Monday, 16 February 2015

Easy bling Oreos tutorial

I bloody love Oreos... Especially the double stuffed ones... So when my creatively challenged boyfriend began moaning that valentines was tough because crafts didn't come naturally to him, I decided to look into a way of using these wee circles of joy to make life easier for him...

This tutorial is just a small one that I posted to a good reception on Instagram.


 - Double stuffed Oreos (they must be double stuffed otherwise they won't be thick enough to fill with icing

- White piping icing (you can pick this up in most decent supermarkets. I used Asda's own brand- which comes with 3 different nozzles for piping)

- Selection of sprinkles

STEP 1: Using the thinnest nozzle, pipe a line of icing right around the gap between the biscuits.

STEP 2: Roll the biscuits in the sprinkles (with larger chocolate balls etc I just placed them in)

STEP 3 : Arrange in a thin gift box lined with decorative tissue.

Easy! Done! A child could do it! Take your other half to task :)
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mini Modelling tutorial 3: Pinwheel cupcakes

With my little tutorial's being a success (and easy to do), I popped out another one to show you how to make super easy (but effective) 'Pinwheel cupcakes'.


Ready Iced cupcakes
At least 1 gel food colouring

Step 1: Colour half of your fondant and cut 2 identical squares of each colour.

Step 2: Layer one sheet of colour on top of the other.

Step 3: Using a knife, cut a straight line from each corner about 1/2 way towards the center.

Step 4: Pull one side of a corner down so that the tip touches the middle of the square. Hold in place with a dab of water.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the 3 other corners.

Step 6: Add a small ball of fondant to the middle of the center. Top your cupcakes.
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Monday, 17 March 2014

Mini modelling tutorials 2: Geisha cupcakes

One of my most successful posts to date was the mini modelling tutorials that I posted way back when...I guess people like the simplicity of them :)

Short and simple, I've just made up a little tutorial board from my 'Geisha girl' cupcake toppers.. lemmie know what you think.

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