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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Easy double choc finger cake

I decide to publish this cake first because its a really nice easy one to get started with. The ingredients are simple, and I can whip one out pretty fast...


1 Cake Board
1 Round cake
Buttercream of your choice
Jam (optional for filling)
2 x boxes of Chocolate Fingers
1 or 2 bags of M&Ms
1 meter of ribbon

Step 1: Make yourself a basic chocolate cake, cut in half and fill with whatever takes your fancy (see my recipes section for sponges and buttercream)

Note: It doesn't need to be a chocolate sponge, but for the sake of the title...thats what I'm using!

Sandwhich the sponge back together.

Step 2: Using a spatula, cover your cake in your chosen buttercream. Its worth moving your cake onto your board/plate/whatever that you're planning on serving it on first; that way you dont have to move it once its been decorated.

Note: If you dont have a spatula its not the end of the world. You can use a knife, it'll just be a bit harder to do.

Step 3: Take your chocolate fingers and wrap them round the full outside of the cake. The buttercream will hold them in place.

Note: The first time I made this cake I seriously underestimated how many chocolate fingers I would need! You'll need at least 2 boxes!

Step 4: Fill with the candy of your choice. I used M&Ms for this one, but I've also used things like Maltesers, chunks of fudge, popcorn etc.

Note:I used one bag of candy to fill my cake, but there's nothing stopping you from filling it to the brim with a second bag.

Step 5: Add your ribbon. I just ran up to the local fabric shop and bought a meter from there, but local supermarkets should also sell ribbon of some sort.



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