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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mini modelling tutorials

Being away from home shouldn't stop me baking right? urm... riiiight. Have you tried working with fondant in 40 degree heat? (that's if you can find it in the first place). So, with that in mind, I'm going to treat you guys to a couple of cute, quick AND easy fondant tutorials to keep you busy.... I've even thrown Santa in for good measure :)

Being so near Christmas, it would have been rude not to post this brilliant Santa step-by-step tutorial from So they're using modelling clay? fondant will work just the same!

Because everyone loved Pooh bear! Even if you didn't like that whiny little Piglet thing! Cute little tutorial from More-ish cupcakes:!/MoreishCupcakes?fref=tsake

I love the idea of this cake topper because it shows you how to include a photograph holder... cupcakes with your photo anyone? Easy tutorial from

Those clever people at impressed me so much that I'm giving them two mentions today! I've never really got the 'SpongeBob' trend, but even way into their late 20's...most of my friends (especially the males) do!!!


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