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Friday, 4 October 2013

Fondant cloud tutorial

Where the hell have I been!!!? I haven't posted anything for aaaaages, mostly on the basis that the cakes I've been doing have been a bit fiddly and didn't suit my quick blog theme. But its nice that some of my Tumblr followers actually messaged me asking when the next one was coming. Well wait no more my friends, because here it is..... (hmmm... overhyped much?)

I made this cake (and posted it on all my usual social medias) just yesterday, and already I've had a few messages asking how I made the clouds (they're a tricky thing fake clouds).

They are SO I figured a wee blog tutorial was in order!


White ready to roll fondant
Little bowl of water/vodka (to stick)

....THAT'S IT!!!!!

Tear off pieces of fondant and roll into a variety of different sized balls.

Arrange the balls into the shape you want your cloud (2/3 layers looks best without being OTT). Use a little water/vodka to keep them together if you find that they don't stick on their own. 
Roll out a piece of fondant large enough to cover your pile.


Cover the pile with your rolled out fondant and then pat around the shapes of the balls underneath. This will give you your smooth cloud effect.

Trim off the edges of the fondant at tuck any remaining bits underneath to create a smooth side.

Attach to your cake/fondant, using a bit of vodka/water as a glue.


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