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Monday, 3 December 2012

City Sights cake


So for this cake I'm gonna try a new step-by-step format, so please feed back your thoughts on the layout peeps!!!
The hard bit of this cake wasn't the cake itself, but the painting. You need an arty hand (or someone that has one).
1 Round cake
Ready to roll fondant
Black powdered food colouring
Red and Green gel colouring
 Step 1: Roll out your white fondant ( I do this on a white plastic mat so that it doesn't stick to my bench). Once rolled, I smooth it out with a fondant smoother.
Step 2: Cover your cake with your rolled fondant.
Step 3: Trim your fondant and smooth it out once again with the smoother.
Step 4: Mix your black powdered food colouring with a teeny tiny bit of vodka to make your edible paint. This is a bit of a trial and error occasion. If you add too much vodka your powder will be too watery, make your fondant soggy and have a watered down colour. If you don't add enough water, your paint will be too thick and dry to use.... basically, you're looking for a happy medium. Take my advice and do a little trial on a scrap of fondant first. Leave these to dry (or your paint will run down the fondant once it's sitting vertically). Once dry, cut an outline near the image and attach to the sides of your cake with fondant glue (or water if you don't have any).
Step 5: Use a thin paint brush to paint on your design. I used google images to give me ideas/inspiration for the city in the brief (in this case, Rome). 
Step 6: Make some red fondant with your red gel colouring and roll out and cut into medium sized circles.
Step 7: Use fondant tools to thin out/pattern the edges of the circles. These are going to be used to make petals for the flowers of your cake.
Step 8: Arrange your petals into a flower (I wanted to make my flowers look a little wilted, like they'd fallen... but for a great full rose tutorial try this youtube clip:



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