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Friday, 21 June 2013

Oreo Cookie dough Brownies

I'm ashamed to admit this, but the other day I was having friends over for diner, and I simply couldn't be bothered whipping up another cake from scratch. So I did the unheard of... I went and bought a Brownie packet mix! 

'Noooooooooooo' I hear you cry! But actually, it got me to thinking about those of  you that aren't so arty farty in the kitchen, or just don't have the time. So after buying the packet mix I decided to put a little spin on it (i.e make it a little bit more impressive), and after positive feedback decided to share. This is a great trick for those with kids or those who just can't be bothered...


1 x Asda Cookie dough Brownie mix
(I suppose another brand would do, but I like an Asda trip.... You can thank me for the plug later Asda!)

9 Oreos (I actually used 10, but 9 would work)

Line your tin with greeseproof paper and then line the bottom with Oreos. As I mentioned, I used 10, 9 would have sufficed, more probably would have been better (but I'm stingy with sharing my Oreos!)

Make up your brownie mix (as per the box instructions). Now at this point I deviated... Asda told me to add 5 tbsp's of water to the mix to make a batter which could be poured. Now I don't know how big Asda's tablespoons are... but 5 of mine certainly didn't make a 'pour-able' batter!!!
I added another 3, the batter still wasn't of pouring structure, but it spread nicely.

So....'Spread' your batter over the full tin. Make sure you cover the Oreos completely (you don't want any of those wee bad boys getting burned!)

Cook as the box instructed. AGAIN, I deviated and left them in for a further 5 mins, as when I checked them at the instructed time they were a bit gloopy (probably because I added extra water).

Allow to cool for 20 mins and then cut into slices and serve.. nom nom nom


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