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Friday, 16 November 2012

The cute EDF guy

So... this wee guy was something I did a while ago for a birthday order. It was actually one of my easier cakes...but the result was great!!!

  You need:

 Round sponge cake x2
 Butter cream
 Filling of your choice

 Ready roll fondant
 Black fondant
 Orange gel colouring
 Cake board

Bake your cakes with excess batter in the centre so that they have a rise in the middle. Most bakers will find they get a slight rise the in middle anyway when they bake. Slice the tops of both round cakes. Keep the cut offs and use them to make a point at the top(you can also cheat and add height to the centre with these cut offs!)

Stick your cakes together with a bit of butter cream in the centre and then crumb coat them. This is where you add a layer of butter cream to the cake to stops any crumbs from moving. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least 30mins.
Remove from fridge, transfer to your cake board and add your second coat of butter cream. This coat will ensure that your fondant goes on smooth.
Mix your orange gel colouring into your ready to roll fondant. Layer this on top of your cake and use a fondant smoother (see equipment blog post) to even out any lumps or bumps.
Cut out two circles of white for eyes and attach with water (or fondant glue if you have it). Cut two smaller circles out of black fondant and add to the top of the white. Model a small triangle for the nose, and set below the eyes.


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